About me

Welcome to Wavy Nettles. A handmade jewellery studio dedicated to creating stylish, one-of-a-kind, memorable pieces that beg to be worn. Each item is designed and forged by hand in my home workshop in Ottawa, Canada using natural gems, beach stones, sterling silver and other ethically sourced, and recycled materials. 

While mass produced trinkets may appeal to some, these hand crafted treasures are like people. No two are exactly the same. Each one is designed for those who want to write their own life story, who see the extraordinary in the ordinary, are brave enough to be themselves, and always willing to dance like no one is watching.

The items in this shop are made entirely by me - from concept to final polish. Want to get more behind the scenes and see how things come to life? You can follow me at WavyNettles on Instagram and Facebook