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Welcome to Wavy Nettles, an independent and woman-owned jewellery studio specializing in the traditional art of metalsmithing. Our passion lies in crafting one-of-a-kind, handcrafted designs for individuals who seek to express their distinctive style.


While mass-produced trinkets may hold appeal for some, our handmade treasures are imbued with the essence of individuality, just like the unique humans who adorn them. Each piece is meticulously created for those who embrace the notion of crafting their own narrative, finding beauty in the ordinary, and aspiring to leave a positive mark on the world around them.


Here at Wavy Nettles, authenticity is our hallmark. From concept to final polish, every item is lovingly crafted by hand. Follow us on 
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If you've like to hear more about Evelyn's journey as a metalsmith artist, check out her interview with marketing consulting and small business advocate, Karen C. Wilson Consulting.
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